Due to the Firm’s caseload, your attorney will contact you predominately via email.

In most of our claims, we seek the recovery of attorney’s fees and costs from the defendant. Many times we do not charge plaintiffs anything upfront. Find out if your case qualifies by submitting a case evaluation today.

We offer free virtual case evaluations via e-mail. To take advantage of our free consultation, you will need to submit clear scans of your documents along with a brief narrative and an attorney will review your submission to determine if we are able to assist. If you prefer a phone call, we offer a 30 minute consultation for $125. Given that the contractual documents executed as part of the transaction will dictate what rights and remedies exist, we highly recommend completing a virtual case evaluation so that the attorney can review the relevant documents and complete a comprehensive analysis.

In short- any document signed or received when the subject vehicle was purchased or leased, such as: buyer’s order form/bill of sale, retail installment sales contract (aka car note, loan, etc.), lease agreement, any written warranties, any copies of the advertisement for the vehicle and any deposit or down-payment receipts. Please only provide us clear scans (NOT PICTURES).

Clear scans of all repair orders for the subject vehicle, the buyer’s order form or retail lease order if leased, retail installment sales contract if financed or the lease agreement if leased. In addition, we will also need a clear scan of your vehicle’s registration. Please only provide us clear scans (NOT PICTURES).

Unfortunately, we do not. However, in most of the cases we take on, we seek the recovery of our fees directly from the defendant and charge the consumer nothing upfront. Submit a case evaluation today to see if your matter qualifies.

Since litigation is a creature of time, it is impossible to provide an accurate estimate. Some cases take several weeks, some take several months, others take several years. In every lawsuit there are a number of moving parts which may impact the resolution of a lawsuit. In addition, it may take your attorney some time to complete preliminary due diligence and initial research in to your claim before proceeding with litigation.

Florida law requires that a consumer send a dealership a demand letter 30 days prior to taking formal legal action. Once we complete our due diligence in to a claim, we prepare the demand and issue it to the dealership on the consumer’s behalf. In some instances, this leads to an early resolution.

Before proceeding with formal legal action, a manufacturer must be provided notice and a final opportunity to cure the defect before the consumer can proceed with litigation. Once retained, we will prepare a comprehensive letter to the manufacturer informing them of the defects in the vehicle and afford them a final chance to get it right. If they don’t, we proceed with litigation.

Our main office is located in Hollywood, Florida.

We take cases all throughout the State of Florida.

Unfortunately, we do not accept in-person consultations or meetings at this time.

Most documents that you will have to sign will be issued via DocHub to be signed electronically.

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